Randy McCall Stories-Story #1…”Doles WHO?”

In 1975, back when I was 15 years old in Baltimore, MD , I was attending Northern High School. One day I was standing inside one of the doorways at school. It was the entrance on the right side of the building (if you were facing the front of the building) that had a sidewalk that led to it… a big wide sidewalk. They were those big, thick, double doors. You know, those real heavy doors with very small windows. They were the ones with diamond-type screen and the big, stainless steel push bars inside. I think the white guys used that area more than the blacks did. We used to stand outside there and smoke cigarettes, and, if lucky enough, some weed, before, during, and even after school. These doors opened to a landing that had steps: On the right, they lead up to the first floor. To the left, the stairs led down to the ground floor. The steps and landings were terrazzo, which is an extremely hard surface. Well, you may not believe this story. But I know it’s true because I saw it with my very own eyes!

It was the beginning of the day. The “Get your butts to your homeroom NOW” bell hadn’t rung yet. I was standing with my back to the doors, facing the stairs when I heard knocking at the doors. I twisted myself around and looked through the diamond screen and saw Randy McCall. Now, Randy had been in almost every one of my classes since our 6th grade class at #236 (Class of 1971). And I must’ve heard his name called during roll hundreds of times…But I had never heard a response…ever! So I pushed on the bar and opened the door. I said,” Randy, what are you doing here? He said,” I hear there’s a “black guy” messing with my Bro’s.” I said,” It’s true, Randy. His name is Doles.” Now, anyone or, maybe I should say, “any white guy,” who was going to Northern at that time (1975), should remember the name,”Doles.” Or, to be more specific,”Nigga” Doles. I cannot say for sure if I ever did learn his real first name, or not. I don’t seem to recall it…Anyway, it seems “Nigga” Doles had been on a rampage, roaming the hallways with about 10 other “brothers” for the past few weeks. And, it didn’t matter who you were, how many friends you had, or even how big you were. If you got caught in the wrong place at the right time (or the wrong place at the right time), you were gonna get your ass kicked. And a lot of good guys got their asses kicked, too.

So, here’s Randy McCall…140 lbs soaking wet. 5′-8″ wearing clogs. (He wasn’t wet, or wearing clogs…I’m just sayin’). He was asking me where he could find this,” Nigga” Doles. Well, I shit you not; I look up the stairs and see Doles and his gang just turning the corner to come down the stairs…right at us! I threw up my arm, (pointing right at Doles), and said in a loud voice,”THERE HE IS, RANDY!” Randy said,”Thanks, Paul.” Then he quickly made his way up the stairs before Doles stepped down 1 single step. Now, I knew what was coming cause I had seen it before, a couple of times. Randy was standing on the step below the landing that Doles was still standing on. Doles was like 6′-5″ barefoot, and about 240 lbs. Randy looked up at Doles and said, “You Doles?” And Doles said, “Yeah, so what?” Randy retorted, “I hear you been messin’ with my bro’s.” Now, at this moment, I know I had a huge smile on my face. And you could have heard a paper clip drop…

Doles looked down at little Randy McCall and said,”What’re you gonna do abou…” Just then, Randy jumps straight up into the air about 2 freakin’ feet off the terrazzo! And he hit Doles in his face about 10 or 15 times before his feet touched the terrazzo again! It was beautiful! And I can remember distinctly that I had no thought of running up the stairs to get Randy’s back because I knew exactly how this scenario would end. Just about the time Randy’s feet came down on that top step, Doles, his consciousness now conspicuously absent, overtaken by gravity, collapsed into a heap of flesh and bones. And this very same unconscious “heap” came tumbling down the terrazzo steps…about 15 of them! He never made a sound. And he rolled head over heels and landed right at my feet! It was just like a “dream sequence” in a movie. It was one of the coolest things I ever saw!

After the body of Doles came to rest at my feet, Randy calmly looked at the gang and said,” Any of you’s want some of this?” They turned and ran away! Randy walked back down the flight of stairs he had walked up less than one minute before. When he got to the bottom, I said,” Nice job, Randy!” He said,” Be cool, now.” And walked back out the door. Doles still had not moved or made a sound! Everybody just left him lying there looking fairly dead. I never even heard the name of “Nigga” Doles after that day! I mean, of course, I recounted the story until everyone knew about it. But, the threat was now gone. The bullshit about the black guys roaming the halls in gangs, attacking any white guy that was unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the right time, ended on that very day. And, it never happened again while I was at Northern High School!

The End