My thoughts about same-sex marriage:

Unfortunately, the mainstream media in this country have convinced all the uninformed and weak-minded sleepwalkers that if someone opposes same-sex marriage, they must be a homo-phobe, or just a hateful person. This is a complete lie. There are many reasons to oppose this issue. The fact is, for the US Supreme Court to say it is legal for same-sex couples to be “married” in the legal sense will violate the sovereignty of all 50 states and undermine the democratic process. Also, it is not established yet as to what the impact would be in many arenas of our society. The very first concern must be the well-being of our children, since, same-sex marriage would have to include same-sex couples adopting children. There is no data that shows conclusively that children raised in same-sex homes will not suffer long-lasting disadvantages from the experience. On the other hand, there is an abundance of evidence (dozens, if not hundreds of studies) that prove beyond any doubt that children raised in a home by both MARRIED biological parents, do better in every conceivable category that is measurable. There is an economic component as well. It could impact our economy in unforeseen ways…all bad. Next, in order to do it, the court would have to rule that homosexuals deserve a special legal status, as a group, such as is given to minorities, in order to declare that it is protected by the Constitution. Also, because the term “marriage” is not contained anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, they have no authority to “create” a law where none exists. Their function is to interpret the Constitutional law, not legislate. Moreover, if the court does this, it would open up a floodgate of other groups of sinners claiming that they can’t help the way they are, and they want special status, too. Then, logically, polygamists, pedophiles, and even people that want to marry their goats would be going to court claiming their Constitutional rights are being violated. It would be inevitable. A lifestyle choice is not worthy of special legal status. Could you imagine all the drunks getting together and demanding that the government must pay for their alcohol? And on top of all that, it is an abomination unto the Lord! And, unless this country turns back to God in repentance, we are doomed. It’s already been happening since Roe v. Wade in 1973. We are in serious trouble as a people, people!