The Boston City Bomber by Paul Tiderman

I’m going to be the first (I think) to theorize that the Boston City Bomber was backed by a radical pro-abortionist who was drawing attention away from the trial that is taking place in Philadelphia, PA…the City of Brotherly Love. Although the apparent bombing of the Boston Marathon is certainly the most newsworthy story of the moment (now), there is another event taking place in this country that deserves equal coverage. But, WHAT A SURPRISE, barely one minute’s mention out of all 3 big news networks! Some low-rate politician got 17, 18, and even 20 minutes, respectively, this morning…before the Boston Marathon event occurred.

Apparently, an abortion doctor, who specialized in late-term abortions, was found to be running a most foul, unsafe, and absolutely uppalling, “House of Horrors” (as it was called by the DA), abortion clinic.  The place was so filthy and unsanitary that stray cats were defecating wherever they pleased. This doctor, Kermit Gosnel, is accused of murdering seven newborn babies as they lay struggling for life after botched abortions, and a woman whom he actually detained in his clinic while she died. Untold remains and body parts from aborted babies were all over the place…even in the employees’ refrigerator with the lunch. Why haven’t we heard more about this?

There were many complaints regarding this doctor’s methods in the years prior to his 2011 arrest, but Pennsylvania State officials failed repeatedly to enforce the law. He left body parts inside of women, perforated their bowels and ruptured their uteri. But no one did anything. It has been discovered that he had recruited a fifteen year old girl to answer phones, but who ended up performing procedures that only a doctor is supposed to do. It is further claimed that, at the same time he was getting rich performing illegal abortions, he was selling prescriptions as well. In fact, he would leave signed prescription sheets while he went home, for untrained, uneducated employees to dispense themselves. That was the initial reason for the police raid.

Just what has to happen in this country before people become OUTRAGED? When will we say, “Enough is enough!” and do something to take our beloved country back from the murderers, extortionists, and rapists of the world, and make it a better place? Today, for the first time, I think I understood what could make a person snap. I had trouble breathing and couldn’t stop shaking my head. I can’t believe this is the same world I grew up in…I guess it’s not. I tried to write a poem to release the pent-up emotion I felt, but it was too strong. So I had to write this article. God help us all…I mean, GOD HELP US ALL!

The money involved in the abortion industry is staggering. If the American people catch wind of the true nefarious nature of the industry, it might be outlawed. Do you think these people are willing to take the loss? No freakin’ way! I imagine the big news networks were under tremendous pressure to cover the story and a diversion is exactly what was needed. Well, they got it. Only 2 people have died so far…not that big a deal. More children than that must die in a school shooting to be considered a “multiple” murder. No, this thing goes very deep…I just know it!