O, Lord Take Me




Paul Tiderman




Jesus, You are divine, and You Love me so,


Just as I am, and, just as You made me,


When You return, You’ll, take me, I know,


Then we will be together, for all eternity,




O, Lord, take me, and then break me,


Like You broke the, bread on that day,


Make me, O, Lord, and please take me,


Just like You let, them take You away,




Clothe me with power, as I kneel to pray,


Power to witness…power to stand strong,


To bring You glory, and serve You each day,


May my life be a prayer, my whlole life long,




For only You are worthy, of honor and praise,


So, I will lift my voice, all of my born days,


And tell the world of, Your mercy and grace,


Until that final day, when I see Your face,




When I think of how You, chose me, a sinner,


Broken and drifting, feeling worthless and lost,


I have to tell others, that You are a winner,


By letting Yourself, be broken on the cross.