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Slavery was outlawed in this country because a minority of people recognized it for what it was…EVIL…and courageously stood up and spoke out against it. The US Supreme Court had upheld the right of some people to “own” other people. The way they did this was to declare people with black skin to be “non-persons.” This same logic has been used by the same court to oppress another class of people…people too small to defend themselves. I speak, of course, of the pre-born. And the only way this injustice will be abolished is by good people standing up and speaking out against this evil. The perpetrators of this crime against humanity have a lot riding on keeping the public in the dark…uninformed and unaware of the truth of the matter. Even at 5 weeks gestation, the abortion personnel must count the body-parts of the pre-born PERSON to make sure that none of them are left behind in the uterus. This would cause a serious infection that might very well endanger the life of the 2nd victim of the “procedure.” It was illegal before and most women did not seek illegal and dangerous abortions. Most women decided to give life to their babies. I’d like to see us get back to that place!

Does it bother anyone else that Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion-seller in the nation, and the largest tax-supported “family planning” organization in the world, was founded by a woman who was a leading proponent of the modern eugenics movement. She worked tirelessly to ensure that those citizens who were deemed “unworthy” to procreate were sterilized, by force, if necessary, to purify the human gene pool. According to her, it was the duty of every intelligent person to do all they could to make sure that no feeble-minded, brown-skinned, homosexual, or undesirable, was allowed to reproduce. LOOK IT UP! In fact, Adolph Hitler was a great fan of her work…and modeled his “final solution” after her programs. Why don’t some of you pro-death advocates defend Margaret Sanger’s work in eugenics? I can’t wait…


Arguing about Christianity

I am enjoying my blogging experience thus far, probably because there is no pressure to produce new material. I feel like I usually have alot to say about many things. I just finished reading a blog by another blogger that I enjoyed. She was clarifying how NOT to discuss Christianity. She made some good points. But I don’t see the purpose of arguing about matters of faith on a strictly intellectual basis. I believe we are (when I say “we” I am referring to true, born-again believers in the risen Lord Jesus Christ), to speak the truth in love to the unbelieving world around us. Of course, in reality, hearts and minds are “won over” one person at a time. And each person is a unique individual with their own set of life-experiences. Thus, each person tends to be “reached” in a slightly different way.

It’s true, of course, that non-believers, and especially atheists, argue that Christianity is not true because…well, there is a plethora of reasons that can be given. Fortunately, for the believer, none of them are true. And most atheistic unbelievers do not believe in the existence of truth itself. So, what basis for faith in Christ could there possibly be for such a person? No, we all come to faith in Christ in God’s good time (if we come at all, that is). It is the job of the believer to speak the truth in love…not to convince the world by shrewd arguments that Christ died for them, personally. Certainly we are to have an answer ready to those who are truly seeking God.  Our business is to walk in truth and love (and faith), seeking opportunities to shine His light into this dark world. I don’t think anyone has ever been “argued” into the Kingdom of God.

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